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Apaxon Secure DNS Filtering allows you to fine-tune web access policies by IP address, and limit entry to websites that are a risk to the network. Our solution offers a simple yet effective way to deter everyday web usage from becoming a serious security threat. When a DNS attack finds its mark the effects can be far reaching:

  • Thirty-one percent of companies have already experienced a DNS attack.
  • Ninety-three percent of those businesses suffer downtime.
  • 24% of companies lost at least £85,673 during their last DNS attack
  • 63% of companies failed to defend against all common DNS attacks today

Apaxon DNS Filtering decreases the likelihood that your employees’ web browsing could cause problems for your business. Don’t become another statistic.

Apaxon DNS Filtering offers an all-inclusive solution

The Apaxon DNS solution offers a myriad of options to keep your network and your business safe. The options include:

  • Multi-Platform Protection
  • Security Hosted DNS Servers
  • Low User Latency
  • On Demand Drill-down Reporting
  • Allow/Block (Whitelist/Blacklist) Support
  • No Hardware or Software to install
  • Fast, Easy Deployment
  • Instant Connectivity
  • Policies by IP, Dynamic IP, or both
  • Customizable User Block Pages
  • Preset Policies and Granular filtering options

DID YOU KNOW: In addition to keeping your business and network safe, DNS Filtering improves network performance by blocking unwanted web traffic.


Apaxon Secure DNS Filtering Blocks Users from Accessing Malicious Sites

We realize it takes more than great technology to meet your expectations. We combine our technology with the service your company needs to thrive. While each business is different, Apaxon DNS Filtering delivers no matter your business needs.


Feel confident that Apaxon DNS Filtering will protect your business by reducing traffic to undesirable sites and reducing the likelihood of computer/ network infection which leads not only to better security but also better network speeds and client satisfaction


Apaxon enables a comprehensive set of DNS Filtering features to allow your employees to browse the web without being directed to dangerous websites. Specific sites are blocked automatically and all other sites are monitored under real-time URL category policy protocol.


Apaxon DNS Filtering allows you to finely tune web access policies using both global and site-based policies. You can assign each client IP address a different policy so securing different networks with the correct specifications is seamless and straightforward.

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